Meet Progressive Jesus…

In FOLKED UP AMERICA the AMERICAN LEGION OF LIBERALS replace the Tall Tale Folk Heroes we know and love from Paul Bunyan to Pecos Bill with politically correct imposters. With all of the recent talk of bakers, florists, photographers, and pizzerias as well as evolution as well as President Obama’s accusatory Easter address I thought it was about time I introduce you to Progressive Jesus. The REAL Jesus said “I am the way…”, Progressive Jesus says “It’s my way or the highway…” This fake Jesus that I’m poking a hole in a figure the left has been trotting out in public for years whenever they want to justify whatever it is they’re doing. We heard Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid speak of him when they rammed OBAMACARE down our throats (They said the Nativity story was about a poor family who couldn’t afford healthcare so they were forced to give birth in a barn/stable/cave….If they really wanted to go there how about the fact Mary and Joseph were even in Bethlehem in the first place was because the government forced an extremely pregnant woman to make a long journey to pay her taxes….They further went on to claim that Jesus was a democrat because he rode a donkey into Jerusalem…Whatever…) We further hear about Progressive Jesus every time some business owner refuses to participate in a same sex wedding ceremony or whenever anyone is doing anything that’s known to be against Biblical morality. What we do here is demonstrate the absurdity by being absurd hence why I invented Progressive Jesus.


PROGRESSIVE JESUS & FOLKED UP AMERICA TM & Copyright Ed McCray Productions, All Rights Reserved.

PROGRESSIVE JESUS & FOLKED UP AMERICA TM & Copyright Ed McCray Productions, All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Andy Taylor
    May 27, 2015 @ 01:24:36

    What would Captain Water Closet do?


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