Kingstone Media Christian Comics, A Review

101 questions Cover, Copyright Kingstone, All Rights Reserved.

101 questions Cover, Copyright Kingstone, All Rights Reserved.

I recently had the pleasure of discovering a brand new line of Christian comics that completely caught me by surprise. I do not impress easily and not only does this series impress me, it completely blows me away!! First, I’d like to discuss their “201 Questions” title. This book covers 15 topics that could be described as “paranormal” (but isn’t the entire Bible paranormal after all?) in that it deals with subjects like angels, demons, aliens/UFO’s, ghosts, dinosaurs, the Nephilim, and others. These are all subjects I’ve studied on my own and these are all subjects that I’ve discovered that most Christians wont even discuss and will even take a step back from you and give you a strange look if you even bring them up. This is why this book completely caught me by surprise. Not only does this book tackle these on the fringe subjects but it’s come to the same conclusions I have. I have also read many books by Christian authors on these topics and it’s such a breathe of fresh air to read a book about them that doesn’t delve into kooky convoluted conspiracy theories about the Bohemian Grove or 9/11 “truthers”. This book simply takes the entry and provides you with a simple cliff notes version of what the Bible says about the subject and provides you the scriptural verses at the bottom of each page where you can look it up yourself. I’m glad someone has done a book like this where these topics are made simple for those who know little or nothing about them and can then open up the discussion for more. I also look forward to further issues in this series and will be recommending it to all of my friends.

Kingstone Bible Cover, Copyright Kingstone, All Rights Reserved.

Kingstone Bible Cover, Copyright Kingstone, All Rights Reserved.

I also picked up their Kingstone Bible. This book collects six smaller issues into a larger volume and it appears that they are doing an even more expanded compendium in the future. Like the “101 Questions”, this Bible provides the Scriptural references at the bottom of each page which is something I always find helpful with comic book Bibles. I own several of them and this one has something different to it that I enjoy more than the rest. I also, wholeheartedly recommend it to both Christians and non-Believers who are curious what the Bible is really about but are unwilling to actually crack one open. This might make it easier for them to go to the source material once they have a general understanding of what they’re reading. Since I’ve grown up reading the Bible my whole life it’s sometimes easy to forget that many people have not and that makes it difficult for them to read or comprehend the old style English.

Both books have very strong and dynamic artwork and, in many cases, it’s among the best I’ve ever seen in a Christian comic. The Bible book is an anthology of several different artists but I actually prefer this because it makes each story distinct and stand out from each other visually. I also give them points for not going overboard in the 3-D coloring of the pages as so many modern comics frequently do. They’ve kept the artwork in the traditional realms of the comic book graphic and this should be applauded.

I read that Kingstone Comics hopes to become the Marvel Comics of the Christian Community and I wish them luck! In the meantime, I’ll be back for me and hope you will give them a chance too.

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