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Since today is Independence Day I thought it would be appropriate to officially debut the logo for my new comic book mini series “Ed McCray’s Folked Up America!” This is a project that’s been on my mind for a number of years but I only got serious about it within the past year or so when the Great Recession provided me with the opportunity to take the ultimate risk on myself and my career. It has quickly grown into being a much larger and more involved project than I had ever anticipated (this is easily the most complex endeavour I’ve ever undertaken and in all probability ever will do) covering 6 rather lengthy volumes with a list of at least 110 sources to date and still growing. It’s something I believe in greatly and I have been told I’m committing career suicide by being “outed” as a conservative in a field dominated by extremist liberals. Well, I happen to be descended from a long line of great Americans. I actually DID have ancestors who came over on the Mayflower and some who fought in the Civil War. The Presidents and great abolitionists John Adams and John Quincy Adams are close blood relatives of mine and if it had not been for their cousin Samuel Adams there may have never been an America. (Today many people only know him because a beer company bares his name.) The way I see it is if these great Americans could risk their lives and fortunes for the great American experiment then I can certainly risk my career for a project that celebrates our rich American heritage. I do find it very silly that I even need to consider this as a possibility but I know from first hand experience just how intolerant the art world can be and more often than not those who claim to be the most “open-minded” are truly the most intolerant people you will ever find. America is nothing to be ashamed of and I choose to celebrate our accomplishments while learning from the tragedy of our mistakes and what could be more American than that?

So what is “Folked Up America!”? It is a tall tale of political correctness run amuck in America and it encapsulates various aspects of American culture both head on and in metaphor. “Folked Up America”! tells the story of our nation’s tall tale heroes being fired by the American Legion of Liberals (The A.L.L.) and being replaced by a roster of politically correct “heroes”. Because they have stick-to-it-iveness and American ingenuity our heroes hire their lawyer, Uncle Sam, to fight this in court. The impeachment trial of the century begins in the Capital with Uncle Sam representing the heroes and the prosecution is the Devil himself. As each hero is put on the stand their testimony is about factual, little known truth about American history and culture. I cover everything from Capitalism and the true Civil Rights movement to the Media and Abortion. Even though I include a lot of true, factual information I try to address all of these subjects in the most entertaining was I can to both explain them simply and hold the audience’s interest. As far as I can tell no one had ever done a book or story quite like this before. Will the heroes be forced to give the Devil his due or will they win their great American cause? That is what this mini series is all about. I’m not vying for being great literature, my goal is to also teach about America’s past and values in an entertaining way and if I can change one heart and mind through my story it‘s all been worth it.

I’ve always loved American history and folklore and I’ll get into another time how this project came to be but I’ve always found our history to be quite fascinating because while other countries have myths and legends we have real people who we KNOW actually did these things. We all know about Robin Hood but he may or may not have existed but we have our very own Robin Hood figure who did exist, Colonel Francis Marion; the Swamp Fox. Little girls now know the story of Mulan from the famous Disney film but we really had women who disguised themselves as men and fought in the American Revolution. They received military pensions and everything. The story of the Pilgrims is as much a testament to the power of God’s mighty hand than anything found in the Bible. Squanto is also the American Joseph figure. I find this stuff to be quite fascinating and it’s a shame more of us don’t know these things anymore.

This project encompasses the entire spectrum of the American experience and brings forward a lot of little known facts in an entertaining way. “Folked Up America!” showcases my love for Americana and appreciation for true American history and not the revisionist versions most Americans have force fed down their throats today.

For example, are you aware that Thomas Jefferson, the man who authored the phrase “wall of separation between church and state” also permitted a church to meet in the Capital Rotunda and even supplied the Marine Corps. Band to provide the music? (How can that be? He obviously knew what he meant by that phrase. Has his original intended context of that phrase been misrepresented to us in recent years?)

Did you know that the 3/5’s Clause of the U.S. Constitution is actually an ABTI-SLAVERY clause and not a pro-slavery clause as it is often presented today. (The abolitionists’ position actually was to NOT count slaves as people for representation in Congress because it would add more pro-slavery votes to the Federal government representing people whom their home states viewed only as property. The slave holding states wanted to have it both ways. They desired to deny personhood to their slave population but had no qualms counting them as persons deserving representation so they could continue the institution of slavery. The vast majority of the founding fathers were in fact staunch abolitionists and the issue of slavery was a driving factor that led to the American colonies secession from the U.K. The fewer pro-slavery votes there were the faster they hoped to end the institution. The compromise was only reached so that all 13 colonies would be united against Great Britain in the war of American independence.)

Another interesting thing is that the western states were only part of Mexico for 15 years and we PAID Mexico for that property. If America had just seized the land we held at the end of the war Mexico started America would extend all the way down to Mexico City. (Doesn’t that completely change the “America is the occupier” argument?) Won the war, signed the treaty, and went the extra mile and bought the land despite the victory. We imposed no one. We occupied no one. We left no troops behind. That land was bought and paid for. My, how different history is from the spin found in modern America.

How many of us are told that the Republican Party was created to end slavery because the Wigs weren’t doing enough and it was the party of civil rights while the Democratic Party was the party of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow? Or that the Ku Klux Klan was a wing of the Democratic Party who acted out in violence against Republicans (over 1/3 of those lynched by the KKK were white and to be black in the south at the time was to be republican.)

Why aren’t we taught that FDR’s New Deal actually prolonged the Great Depression by more than a decade rather than shortened it? (Liberal college professors even confirmed this.)

How about the way the radical 1960’s militant feminist movement (not to be confused with the feminist movement of Susan B. Anthony which had very different ideals) has done more to secure the exploitation, loneliness, unhappiness, and poverty of woman than any other time in history by celebrating sexual promiscuity and abortion while condemning marriage and motherhood and challenging biologically backed up gender differences? (The 1960’s radical feminists actually lost the sexual revolution by agreeing that women should be treated as disposable sex objects under the guise of sexual “liberation”. I mean think about it… )

Another interesting one is that in the 1990’s transgender and a disproportionate number of female fish were found all over the streams of America. The environmentalists went nuts blaming the pollutants from big businesses. When it was later discovered that the pollutant was in fact the synthetic estrogen found in the birth control drugs that wind up in the sewers the environmentalists SHUT UP about it because sexual promiscuity trumps any of their other causes including women’s health. (Ever read about some of the nasty side effects many birth control medications cause? Is this REALLY worth the sexual “liberation”?)

Are any of you squirming yet? We would live in a very different society if this material was more widely known. To me the facts can never be controversial. They are what they are and speak for themselves and everything I cover in my mini series is supported by facts. This is why it has taken me such a long time to complete this project because I need to make sure the information I present is correct and verifiable by multiple sources. I’ve been shocked to discover a lot of things in our history are not what we are told but the one area that made me even a little angry is the real story of Black American history. We are doing a great disservice to our society by hiding this area of the American story from modern audiences because it doesn’t support the popular victimhood narrative of minority history that modern special interest groups like to fuel (If the straw man of the racist society is no longer relevant then equality has been achieved and these groups are no longer necessary. So what incentive do any of them to proclaim that equality has been reached and they have achieved all that has been striven for? Otherwise they wouldn’t stay in business.) Before I began this project I had no idea that FREE black Americans who were treated as equals were so instrumental in the Revolutionary War or that perhaps the smartest man who ever lived was a black scientist during the founding era. How many of us know that there were TWO riders the night of Paul Revere’s ride and the other one, who actually alerted more of the population that the British were coming, was black. One of the first men to die on the battlefield was black and the Battle of Yorktown, that settled the whole war, was won because of a black double spy. WHY AREN’T WE TAUGHT THIS STUFF IN SCHOOL??

That is where “Folked Up America!” comes in. Through an entertaining story I hope that by my shining a spotlight upon such little known facts in our past that so completely shift the dynamic and shatter the paradigm most Americans have through not knowing our history then we can finally get over and move on from the issues a lot of people seem stuck in and never want to get out of. This stuff completely changes the conversations we should and could be having and I hope that my project will spark up some interest in the real history for those who want to know more to discover for themselves.

Above all I believe America is the great American melding pot and that has been a concept lost in recent years. When people came here in the past they were so thrilled to be Americans that they blended into the tapestry that is America. We just don’t see that celebrated or even done today in a society that encourages cultural diversity and plays to identity politics. No one would ever argue that the previous generations of immigrants lost their ethnicity when they assimilated into America. They brought something more to the table. When an ingratiate is added to a dish it adds a new flavor to the meal and for several decades we have been fed this idea of the ingredients being added to the pot remain unchanged by the process and this just isn’t so.

So on this Independence Day let’s all celebrate being Americans and especially those forgotten Americans who got us here. America is the greatest nation on earth because of the people who have made us who we were in the past and make us who we are today. There is a reason why people come to our shores in ramshackle boats and sneak across the desert to come here. If America was such a terrible place why do people come here? They never go to such lengths to get into other countries, why us? Could it be that from the outside they see what we within are often blind to? Today with the Barbeques and the family gatherings and the fireworks displays let’s try to remember why we celebrate and what we are signifying and what was sacrificed to get us here. That is what “Folked Up America!” is all about celebrating.

In the coming months I’ll be posting more previews of “Folked Up America!” leading up to the printed books coming next year. I hope you’ll enjoy them and feel free to post your thoughts on the material.

God Bless America!


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