A Message From Ed!

Greetings! My name is Ed McCray and I’m probably the most unique individual you will ever come across. When I was in high school I built over 2,500 larger than live-sized plywood figures based on Disney and Christmas cartoon characters. I have been creating my own stories and characters since I was 14 and am the creator of the often imitated but never duplicated, critically acclaimed Jill Chill, Captain Watercloset, The Sword & the Gauntlet, The Monsters’ Review, The Family Christmas, In Moonbeam We Trust, The Claus Chronicles, Hitler Vs. Santa Claus, Scrambled!, and my latest project is the comic book mini series “Folked Up America!” I have also written and illustrated stories for Oziana. Sure, you will probably find lots of people who can draw better than me but what they will never have is my unique take on the world.

I’m a Christian, a conservative, a film buff, and a reader of forgotten books. I have probably been banned from more online communities than you can shake a stick at because I don’t fit nicely into any one box. I’ll pretty much talk about anything, so be forewarned, although my blog is rated G or perhaps PG in some topics. You will never find profanity here and the more “controversial” stuff I’ll discuss is no different than what you will find on the nightly news. Some people just can’t handle that – – unless you come from a flaming liberal perspective then you are alluded. As long as we a respectful, we should be able to share anything in the arena of ideas and have nothing to fear from differing points of view. I have found that most people are so insecure in what they believe or fear that they might offend someone by sharing their own thoughts that they seek out to silence and destroy anyone else who isn’t afraid to discuss their thoughts – – even when they are deeply rooted in fact – – themselves. If you’re truly open-minded and find that you disagree with me stick around and look into some of the things I talk about and then see where you stand.

I’ll cover whatever I feel like talking about on any given day. This can range from current events, history, pop culture, or one of my current projects. I hope you enjoy the ride and I can guarantee that you will never find another blog out there as one of its kind as this.


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